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How do we store your personal information?
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You can contact us, using (ВСТАВИТИ ПОСИЛАННЯ КУДИ ЗВЕРТАТИСЬ В РАЗІ БУДЬ-ЯКИХ ЗАПИТАНЬ), in case you have any questions, issues or remarks.
To gain more information about the access to your data and its protection visit (The Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom).
Updating of Privacy Policy
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Complaints procedure
We do our best to justify your confidence and to make you totally pleased with our service, that is why your feedback is so important for us. If you have any proposals or comments on improving the quality of our services, please, inform us.
The following procedure is designed to solve your issues in the best way:
o In case of any misunderstandings, contact the person, who is in charge of your case. This person will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied.
o You can also contact the manager if your questions stay unsettled.
o If you don’t like the way your issues have been solved, contact